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Are you a new or returning student, graduating soon or a recent graduate? You are not alone! We have designed our program to get you ready for Canada’s job market, a community of like-minded peers and the tools you need to succeed!

What We Offer


A lively community


A lively community

Even though you are new or a returning student to the university or college, you’ve got thousands of friends going through the same challenges. Our PeerPal program includes:

In-person/virtual student and alumni meetups

Collaborative forum sessions

Weekly standups with peers

Community Engagement – Imagine a community of like minded people across Canada that are there to support you, share experiences, resources and opportunities that will lay the foundation for your growth. The ASDA community is home to hundreds of diverse, curious and innovative folks just like you. 

Professional Networks – You will get the opportunity to build and maintain professional networks. You will be connected to peers, mentors, attend community events and industry mixers to help you stay engaged and informed.


Put your skills to the test!


Put your skills to the test!

Explore our Volunteer, Internship and Job connections. How it works?

Submit an application form

Interview prep

Invitation to connect to employers

Volunteer – Familiarise yourself with the Canadian workforce and gain practical skills and experience through volunteering. 

Internship –Gain Experience in a dynamic work environment and start building networks

Job –Work with our team of expert career coaches, job search trainers who can help you source out jobs, prep you for your interview, and recommend employers looking for a talent like you!

Easy Learn

What you need to know!

Easy Learn

What you need to know!

Get help when you need it! Our resources are here to guide you through the right path so your journey is never stalled.

A prepared talent is granted opportunities and space for greater learning and growth, and encourages their employer to continue investing in their support.

What you need to know! – Get help when you need it, our resources are here to guide you through the right path so your journey is never stalled.

Your intro to the Job market! – We are focused on getting you job ready! You’ll get regular career coaching, expert training, and complete weekly career-readiness activities so you can enter the job market confident and prepared.

Information is readily available! –Access our online forums, stay up to date with our blogs, video explainers and podcasts featuring industry experts with information on; immigration, employment trends, finance, housing, student life, and other programs.

Practice! Practice! Practice! – Our workshops and activities are designed to keep you on your toes! Rapidly prepare to add value early to your employer. Work readiness session options focus on awareness of the new environment, as well as skills for productivity, humility, and curiosity.

Submit your application

Fill out our super quick two-step application form. There is no fee to apply.

Record a video interview

We’re excited to meet you! If you make it through Step 1, you’ll pre-record and submit a short video based on questions we’ll send you.

Attend a Virtual Introductory event

You’ll get a taste of our virtual training so you can see what we’re all about; you’ll get your time to shine through a series of group challenges and introduce yourself to a network of like-minded peers.

Skin in the game!

Once you are accepted, you pay a $200 fee in two installments.

Let’s get to work!

You’ll begin to ‘unlock’ monthly training opportunities, ASDA’s outstanding Virtual Training Camp, and exclusive access to our growing ASDA Community.

You’ve done it!

We’ll celebrate all that you and your peers have accomplished throughout the program and gain the life-long benefits of the Alumni network. Join the Alumni Pals, share your learnings with future Pals, continue your career development. The possibilities are endless!

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