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Understanding the current state is a key step in narrowing the scope for diversity and inclusion efforts; it ensures a company is focused on the right initiatives and maximizes resources. Understanding the current state is also a critical piece to get leadership buy-in around the case for change; this is particularly important.

A systematic and coordinated approach ensures you tackle the correct issues at the right time. Foresight into the challenges and opportunities organizations, leaders, teams and individuals face on a personal, interpersonal and systemic level and equip them with the tools to do equity work. Developing a strategy and plan based on the current state assessment ensures the organization tailors its approach to diversity and inclusion based on the feedback and data gathered from its people and systems.

We support our clients in implementing their diversity and inclusion plans by empowering systemic changes in people processes such as recruitment, promotions, performance management, pay and succession planning. We also support internal and external systemic changes. Our approach is data-driven to identify the barriers for those most vulnerable by policy decisions and recommend implementing best practices.

Why it works



Participants learn essential concepts and leading practices relevant to themselves, their teams and their organization.



Participants apply theory and learnings to real-life scenarios through activities and facilitated discussions with colleagues.



Participants learn and practice using tools for change to apply following the training



We are an innovative and nimble organization that guides change-makers from understanding and dismantling systemic barriers to leveraging the positive impact of a genuinely inclusive workforce. ASDA goes further than just addressing labour market inequities. We conduct assessments/reviews using a mixed-methods research design (qualitative and quantitative research), which includes discourse analysis, interpretative phenomenological analysis and grounded theory.

ASDA provides consulting services and develops programming, training, workshops, solutions, and strategies: We leverage longitudinal study, critical race theory, and liberation psychology principles to support evidence-based decision-making. We believe in data and leveraging data as a starting point to drive equity work. We will help you execute so you see results that have a positive impact. We ensure that your effort and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion have a positive, long-lasting impact on your organization and clients.

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