• Part Time
  • Temporary
  • Stratford
  • $15.00 per hour CAD
  • 7 December 2023


Job Description:

1. Child Development Programs:

  • Building a relationship of trust; mutual respect and caring for children and parents/caregivers who attend CHANCES Family Centre programs, in particular the child with special needs that they are assigned and their family;
  • Communicating and working with the professionals in the child’s life, such as speech pathologist, occupational therapist, etc. to support and work towards achieving the goals they have developed for the child;
  • Implementing and documenting the progress of any individualized programs that the child with special needs has;
  • Adapting daily activities to meet the specific developmental needs of the child with special needs;
  • Generalizing the individual skills the child with special needs has gained to the regular daily routine and activities;
  • Striving towards having the child with special needs totally independent in the early learning environment;
  • Monitoring and observing the progress of the child with special needs to assist in moulding programs to meet their needs;
  • Guiding and assisting children in the techniques of proper bathroom, eating, and dressing habits;
  • Using redirection and guidance to assist children in understanding and verbally expressing their emotions as an alternative to physical aggression;
  • Providing the children with opportunities for social interactions within the context of play-based learning;
  • Modelling a safe, secure and creative learning environment for children and parents/caregivers;
  • Recognizing problems as learning opportunities for children and parents/caregivers.

2. Supporting Parents:

  • Respecting parents/caregivers values and attitudes as well as understanding their different approaches to parenting;
  • Communicating openly and effectively with parents/caregivers;
  • Exchanging information with parents/caregivers and supporting them on behalf of the child;
  • Interacting with parents/caregivers in a positive way, when they have difficulty leaving a child;
  • Maintaining open communication with parents/caregivers by encouraging them to express the goals and desires for their children;
  • Involving parents/caregivers in every aspect of the program, recognizing their different abilities, needs, and capacities;
  • Helping all families feel welcome and comfortable in the environment at CHANCES Family Centre programs.

3. Staff Support:

  • Contributing to a supportive team environment by utilizing the appropriate lines of communication to solve issues and challenges;
  • Supporting the Early Childhood Education Team by having flexibility in work schedule to allow for programs to be offered at times which are most convenient for participants;
  • Participating in combined monthly team meetings for the Early Learning and Early Childhood Education Teams;
  • Contributing to a supportive team environment by fully engaging in all aspects of the program.

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