Province of Prince Edward Island - Treasury Board Secretariat

The PEI Department of Finance and Treasury Board Secretariat aims to encourage the development of an innovative, diverse and inclusive workforce which enables the organization to realize its goals. The Digital Content Coordinator’s role is to use a business and citizen centric approach to deliver digital web content and online services in the Province of Prince Edward Island. These positions are an advanced user of the provincial websites’ content management systems (Drupal) and a skilled writer able to write, edit, add, manage, support, analyze, and solution web digital content to deliver trusted, credible and timely content and online services. As a team member of the Web Digital Office, reporting to the Supervisor of Digital Content, the Digital Content Coordinator will also identify, write, and run automated and manual test scenarios on websites, webforms and associated tools to maintain a high standard of quality assurance. These positions train and work with numerous stakeholders across government including web content administrators (WCA), online services clients, Translation Services, Web Digital Office team and others. Duties will include: – Use advanced level of understanding of website content management systems (Drupal) and some HTML coding to offer digital content solutions in a variety of websites; – Maintain high level of understanding of website design, information architecture, wireframes and page elements associated interdependencies; – Analyze options and risks to choose the optimal solution for client need, available technology and citizen centric approach; – Build business and citizen centric online services using established processes, generic model components and best practices; – Commit to and promote business and citizen centric and digital by design service model; – Analyze options and use a solid understanding of webform elements, such as field descriptions and payment product codes, their interdependencies and functionality to create online services; – Identify, manage, and run automated and manual test cases using established processes; – Write and update test scenarios based on testing results; – Providing training through group and one-on-one on-site sessions via video-conferencing, phone, email etc; – Maintain an understanding and ability to train on a variety of tools and technologies; – Effectively train adult learners with varied roles and IT experience including web content administrators, feature users, webform users; – Effectively integrate plain language, search engines optimization and citizen centric focus to create website content; – Other duties as required.

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