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Letter of Intent: Definition, Examples and Writing Tips

Much like a cover letter, a letter of intent is a general overview of your industry-specific skills and experience as well as the reasons you are interested in working with an employer. Learning what to include and how to write a letter of intent ensures you send a well-written document that employers want to read. In this article, we explain what a letter of intent is, when you should use it and what your letter should contain. Read more

15 Entry-Level Jobs That Pay Well

If you are seeking an entry-level job, it is helpful to know which opportunities offer the greatest earning potential. While your income will likely increase throughout your career, starting with a high-paying job is a great place to begin. In this article, we provide background information and a list of 15 great entry-level jobs with high pay to help in your job search. Read more

Your Online Career Coach: Advanced Job Search Tips to Get the Job

When it comes to getting the right job, you may already know the basics—find the right roles, write a great resume, prep for your interview, and follow up. Those are certainly essential elements to find success. However, as a career coach, I’ve found that while many job seekers do a lot of the right things in their search, they still don’t get the results they want: offers for their ideal role.

While there are some steps you can take to stand out from other candidates, there’s no one “secret weapon” that can guarantee results. At the end of the day, the best way to get an offer is by putting in the work—preparing, researching, practicing and maintaining resilience. As the old Seneca saying goes, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Read more

Guide: How to Get a Job Quickly

Searching for jobs can involve reviewing job postings, crafting cover letters, and attending interviews. When you need to find a job, you can use strategies to be more successful. In this article, we look at the steps to finding a job quickly, suggestions to stand out in an interview, and answers to frequently asked questions about finding a job. Read more

A Guide to Personal Skills

You can make yourself more appealing to employers by emphasizing your personal skills. Discussing your skills also helps employers decide if you’re qualified for a position. It shows that you’re a well-rounded candidate with a variety of aptitudes and abilities. In this article, we discuss what personal skills are, show how they compare to hard skills, provide some examples and discuss how to highlight them on your resume and during job interviews. Read more

How To Be More Detail-Oriented (With Definition and Resume Tips)

While reviewing job applications, employers seek out traits that prove you’re able to provide a valuable contribution to their company. Highlighting key skills and strengths in your resume is important to show that you’re a strong candidate, especially as being detail-oriented is a skill that many employers look for. Showcasing detail-oriented skills and continuing to develop this quality throughout your career will ensure you’re contributing high-quality work to your company. In this article, we discuss what it means to be detail-oriented, how to develop this skill and how to highlight it in your resume. Read more

12 Employability Skills and How to Develop Them

Hiring managers and employers want candidates who have the skills and qualifications for a role. While they aren’t job-specific, employability skills are in-demand skills that make you attractive to any employer. In this article, we explain what employability skills are, discuss the essential skills and explain how to present them to employers. Read more

What To Include in a Letter of Interest with Tips and Example

Job seekers send a letter of interest to a business to see if any job openings are available. Unlike applying for a specific position, this type of job search gives you the opportunity to select specific organizations and express interest in working for them in any capacity. In this article, we discuss the difference between a cover letter and a letter of interest, why you should create one and what to include along with tips and examples. Read more

A job search log is a great way to set goals and keep motivated to achieve them. You can look back and see how many jobs and for what positions you have applied for. This can also help you to see where you were successful and where you may need some improvements with your job search tools.