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What Is a Cover Letter? (With Tips, Template, and Example)

A cover letter is an excellent way to help your skills, experience, and education stand out to a hiring manager. Your cover letter can let the hiring manager know about your accomplishments and why you’re the best fit for their team and company. It also allows you to elaborate on your resume and explain any gaps in your employment history. In this article, we explore what a cover letter is, why it’s important, different types of cover letters, writing tips and a template and example for reference. Read more

8 Powerful Ways to Start a Cover Letter (With Examples)

A cover letter is the perfect way to get the hiring manager’s attention and detail your accomplishments. To immediately get the employer’s attention, you need a powerful introduction that sets you apart from the competition. Learning how to start your cover letter ensures you set a positive tone for the rest of your application. In this article, we offer some ways to start your cover letter and provide examples. Read more

How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?

Cover letters are a great way to express your interest in a job while explaining your best qualifications. To ensure your cover letter is effective, it should be concise and easy to read. Learning how long your cover letter should be can help you construct a letter that hiring managers read all the way through. In this article, we explain how long your cover letter should be and provide an example as a guide. Read more

How to Format a Cover Letter

When you’re applying for a job, it’s common for employers to request both a resume and a cover letter. In around three paragraphs, your cover letter should highlight what makes you a great fit for the job and motivate the hiring manager to set up an interview. Learning how to format a cover letter ensures you include all of the information the hiring manager needs. In this article, we review how to format a cover letter and provide an example. Read more

How To Address A Cover Letter (With Examples)

Your cover letter is a great way to introduce yourself to the hiring manager and make a positive first impression. You should address your cover letter to the person making the hiring decision to ensure they receive it in a timely manner. There are several ways to address your cover letter based on the information you can find. In this article, we explain how to find the name of the right recipient and provide some examples of ways you can address your cover letter. Read more

How to Write a Cover Letter With no Experience

Applying for a position with no experience can be challenging, especially when writing a cover letter. Luckily, there are ways to feature relevant skills or achievements that capture the attention of the hiring manager. Explaining how your skills can benefit the employer and provide value to the company can make your cover letter stand out among other applicants. Read more

12 Tips for Crafting a Great Cover Letter

An impactful cover letter can be the difference between your resume being seen or overlooked. Knowing how to write a cover letter can help you land the job you’ve been dreaming of. In this article, we discuss why a cover letter is vital to creating a positive first impression along with 12 tips to crafting an attention-grabbing cover letter. Read more

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

Employers often ask for a combination of hard skills and soft skills in job descriptions and look for these skills on resumes. Hard skills are related to specific technical knowledge and training, while soft skills are personality traits such as leadership and time management. In most jobs, successfully performing and advancing your career requires both types of skills. In this article, we’ll compare hard skills and soft skills, give some types of each with examples and provide some advice about how to highlight your skills on your resume and in interviews. Read more

A cover letter is an important way to showcase how your unique combination of skills and experience meet the key requirements of the job description. It is your chance to show a clear link between your knowledge, experience and abilities and the needs of the employer.

Cover letters have long been an important part of the job application process. However, some now suggest that modern recruiting methods may make the cover letter obsolete. In this article, we explore whether you still need a cover letter with your resume and provide you with some tips on how to write a cover letter.